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Former Clientele – Sierra Consulting Group

References Available Upon Request

Residential Detoxes: Includes All Inpatient Levels of Care

First Step Detox

CEO: Olivia Holmes

Spring Hill Wellness Detox

CEO: Shia Rosenbaum

The Haven Detox

CEO: Kirill Vesselov

Outpatient Detox Centers:

Life Solution Detox

CEO: Dr. Taylor Gaines

Treatment Alternative Center

CEO: Alana Manko

New Beginning Detox, LLC

Executive Directors: Dennis and Robert Hansen

Resolutions Outpatient Detox

CEO: Niki Woody

Treatment Centers: Includes all outpatient levels of care

Hope Recovery & Wellness

CEO: Evan Rodriquez

Mango Bay Retreat

Debra Jones, MD

The Luken’s Group

CEO: Ken Pudzer

Recovery Centers of America

CEO: Norma Jean Carro

Your Life Recovery Center

CEO: Raj Rametra & Marty Markowitz  

Atlantic Recovery Center

CEO: Daniel Keane  

South Ocean Recovery

CEO: John Miller

Pro Active Recovery Center

CEO: Colton King

Pathways to Recovery

CEO: Mike Andre

Peak Recovery

CEO: Jacob Pistor

Footsteps to Freedom

CEO: Mike Cirillo

Avalon Recovery Center

CEO: Colin Wallace

Dream Recovery International, Inc.

CEO: Scott Frankel

New Hope Treatment Center

CEO: Suzanne Madison  

The Turning Point of Port St. Lucie

CEO: Mike Andre

New Objectives, LLC

CEO: John Santiago

SeaStone of Delray, LLC

CEO: Charles Esposito

Believe, LLC

CEO:  Dr. Fortunato

The Good Future, Inc.

CEO: Dr. Basim Elhabashy

Wellington Retreat, Inc.

CEO: Dr. Robert Moran

Serenity Now

CEO: Maria Dickey

Transformation Treatment Center, LLC

Executive Directors: Mark Gerhardt & Matt Brindsi

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