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Clinical Program Overview & Planning – Sierra Consulting Group

The addiction treatment business is growing and changing rapidly. In order to open a successful facility that helps those in need and thrives in the current economy, it’s important that you develop a solid plan for success.

Treatment centers are a business. Although that business is about helping people, it must still be run like a business. This means a solid plan and foundation for success. A good business plan and model is important, but you are also in the business of helping people change their lives, so understanding how you will do that is essential. Just like you don’t go into business without a business plan, you don’t go about helping people without knowing exactly how you will do that. Your clinical program overview is a detailed outline of how you intend to provide solutions to the problems your clients are facing. Addiction is a life or death condition, so providing solid, evidence-based treatment is essential.

The clinical aspect of your program will partly depend on the type of facility you are opening. Once you have determined the type of facility you will be running, be it residential, outpatient, etc. It’s time to consider what type of clinical program you are offering, and plan its execution.

Addiction Treatment Best Practices

Determining what type of treatment models you will offer your clients is part of the planning process, and it is an important one. There is much criticism today of addiction treatment and what constitutes effective, quality treatment. This is partially due to the fact that despite all of the accumulated knowledge and research, we still don’t have a “cure” for addiction, nor do we have one type of treatment that works for everyone. Each individual will respond to addiction treatment in their own way. With that said, some types of treatment appear to work better than others, and it is important to have a clinical program that uses evidence-based practices and therapies, often combined with other elements that appear to be therapeutic.

It’s important to separate clinical methods from other methods. For example, you may wish to include a variety of holistic treatments and therapies as part of your program. While these can be helpful and add value to your program, they are not necessarily part of your clinical offerings.

Things To Consider During The Planning Process

Many factors will influence your clinical program. The population you are planning to serve plays a role. For example, if you are planning on treating adolescents, or persons with co-occurring disorders, this will influence your decision.

If you are planning on treating persons with opioid addiction, this will be a determining factor, as well. Most opioid treatments include medication, and requires its own clinical planning.

Your clinical program covers what types of treatment and therapies you’ll use in your practice, the staff you will hire and what their training and education level needs to be.

Will You Include 12 Step Methodology?

Many, though not all, treatment centers choose to base much of their treatment around 12 step programs. This offers many benefits, including the social aspect of recovery. While there are certainly detractors in the implementation of 12 step recovery models, there are many who believe that this model, especially when used in conjunction with other evidence-based practices, is effective.

Other evidence-based methods include the Matrix Model. The Matrix Model is a popular treatment method that has been shown to be effective, particularly for those addicted to cocaine and methamphetamines.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, individual and group therapy are all common addiction program components that you will likely consider for your facility.

Planning Your Clinical Program

It’s important to sit down and create a comprehensive clinical program that will work for your prospective clients. With so much information out there, and so many routes to take, developing a cohesive plan is vital so that you can focus your energies and hire and train the appropriate staff.

We can help you create, plan and implement your clinical program overview. Our experience enables us to provide you with a roadmap that will help you open and run a successful program that gets results for your clients.

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