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Staffing & Training – Sierra Consulting Group

A comprehensive job description for each position in your facility is vital to ensuring quality performance. A job description is more than just a list of tasks or duties. It’s a guide that ensures that all facets of a position are understood and accounted for. A thorough job description helps each team member not only understand their duties, but also serves as a tool that can be used when hiring new staff, completing performance reviews, training new and existing staff and evaluating the importance of current positions in relation to client care.

Job Descriptions Are A Vital Part Of Program Planning And Implementation

After you have determined what kinds of programs and services you will be offering to your clients, you’ll need to make sure that you hire qualified staff to provide those services. Staff members from executive management to hourly employees must have the proper training, qualifications, education and experience to carry out program and service duties and provide clients with the best possible care. It helps to make sure that your staff is qualified to provide the treatments and therapies your facility offers, and ensures that your operation runs efficiently.

A detailed, comprehensive job description for each position ensures delivery of this care.

An understanding of these descriptions is vital for determining which positions are essential. Each staff member must perform an essential role in your facility. Job descriptions allow you to efficiently staff your facility. These descriptions also help you determine things like salary and job benefits, educational requirements and the need for ongoing training for each position.

Job Descriptions And Reorganization

Occasionally, situations call for a reorganization. This may involve downsizing, increasing staff, eliminating, merging or adding positions. While reorganizations can be complex and stressful, it may be what is needed to help your facility grow and thrive. If you are considering a reorganization, outlining job descriptions can help the process go more smoothly.

Advantages To Job Descriptions

  • Descriptions  benefit the hiring process. Hiring new staff is much easier when both the recruiter and prospective employee have a solid guideline for the position.
  • Staff performance can be greatly improved when duties and requirements are clearly outlined. Vague expectations and inconsistent requirements are often huge causes of employee stress and lack of productivity.
  • Performance reviews are easier on both sides when descriptions are detailed and specific.
  • Job descriptions can be updated and can evolve with the needs of the program.

ate the power of accreditation, because it absolutely matters. Today’s treatment consumer is savvy and has done their homework. There are a lot of treatment centers out there, and yours needs to offer a safe environment that provides proven solutions to their problem. New treatment centers are cropping up everywhere, and while the need is certainly great, the client has more treatment options than ever before. You can have a beautiful facility, cutting-edge programs, and highly trained staff, but without this important piece, you will miss out on clients. Proper and comprehensive accreditation shows potential clients and their families that you are a trustworthy facility where they can get the help that they need. It increases the likelihood that individuals and organizations will refer potential clients to your facility. Accreditation is a process and requires a certain amount of diligence to acquire it. Be sure to choose the body that commands the most respect and recognition.

For example, The Commission On Accreditation Of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) is an important and sought-after accreditation and it behooves your facility to receive this endorsement. Some of the variations of this include:

  • Three-year accreditation
  • One year accreditation
  • Provisional accreditation
  • Non-accreditation

Other accrediting bodies include the Joint Commission (JCAHO). For people seeking treatment for themselves or their loved ones, a recognized accreditation reassures them that they are going to receive quality care.

Ongoing Training In Addiction Treatment

While it’s important to hire a qualified, experienced staff, ongoing training is vital to success for your facility and its staff. Regular training helps clients receive the best care, and it’s also of value to staff members. It’s always a good idea to facilitate the growth and education of your team. When you invest in your employees, you are investing in your business.

In order to obtain or maintain CARF accreditation status, it’s important to invest in staff training and development. Types of staff training include but are not limited to:

  • CPR and First Aid
  • Domestic violence and child abuse
  • Co-Occurring disorders
  • Ethics
  • Anger management
  • Effective communication
  • And more

These kinds of training can and should apply to all staff members. Additional training and continuing education should accompany specific positions, such as continued education for counselors and clinicians. Keeping these trainings and certificates on record for your facility and for each employee is yet another way to put your clients first and ensure their health and safety while maintaining and building your reputation as a quality facility.

How Consulting Can Help With Job Descriptions And Training

Internal training and job description creation are time-consuming and often stressful. A consulting team can relieve you of these stressors by providing thoughtful, in-depth job descriptions for your staff. Our consultants can sit down with you to talk about your needs, the needs of your program, goals and objectives and your long-term business plan. With the provided information, we can create job descriptions that are professional, concise and that align with your treatment center goals and values.

Our team can also provide periodic, ongoing training for staff development to ensure that your team stays on top of vital issues and developments in safety, ethics, communication and skill-building. Ongoing training benefits your organization in a number of ways and helps ensure compliance and quality care.

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